What is PDR?

PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) is the art of removing dents on vehicle panels without damaging the original paintwork. PDR restores the car panel back to its original factory finish while also conserving the value of the car.

How does PDR work?

Dents are skilfully removed from the vehicle by massaging them out from the rear of the panel using specialised tools, or pulled out using a technically advanced glue pulling system. This specialised PDR process does not affect the paint, eliminating the need to panel beat, use body fillers or repaint the vehicle. PDR is paintless, simple and efficient. Save on time and money with on the spot repair at less than half the cost.

What kind of damage does PDR repair?

Dents can vary in size and shape, each bring their own unique set of challenges. There are three main types of dents that can be effectively removed by PDR:

Round Dents – These types of dents are often caused from round objects like footballs, basketballs etc. When these objects hit the door, bonnet, bumper or roof, a rounded dent immediately forms.

Car Dings – These types of dents occur due to typical damage from a car park incident or from other small objects hitting your car. Most damage of this nature is relatively affordable to repair. It is usually more beneficial for the value of your car to have it repaired with PDR, especially if purchased on PCP as it will preserve the trade-in value.

Crease Dents – These dents are typically more complex and are more likely to stretch your cars metal. However, that doesn’t mean they cannot be fixed with PDR. With the advancement of tools and technology, creases are no longer the threat to PDR that they used to be.

Why choose PDR over traditional repair?

Paintless Dent Repair is a quick and convenient way to repair those annoying dents. Compared to traditional panel shop repair methods, you are not required to leave your vehicle for days or even weeks. In most cases, we can repair minor dents while you wait, so you’re on your way quickly without delay.

The technician uses a specially designed rods and an L.E.D light board to gently massage the panel back into its original position in a fraction of the time and cost it would take in a body shop.

NOTE: PDR only works when the paintwork is undamaged – no chips or cracks or flaking.